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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2018!
The Best in Fantasy Baseball since 1996!

Congrats to all the winners!
Good luck in the Super Tourney

CL 1: Save Chief Wahoo (Fazzio/Antin)
CL 2: Meet the Pham (Porche)
CL 3: Stone City Sluggers (Clement)
Elite: Capemay Tigers (Fisher)
EL 1: Basket Case (Hoffmaster)
EL 2: Galatians (Fazzio)
EL 3: Summer Catch (Soucy)
EL 4: Built 4 Speed (Stein)
EL 5: Maccabees (Fazzio)
EL 7: Built 4 Speed (Stein)
EL 8: Slow-Listen-Flow (Arnoult)
EL 9: Horseheads Buffalos (Krupa/Gough)
EL 13: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
EL 14: Romans 8:5 (Fazzio)
EL 16: Potatoes are the Greatest (Arnoult)
EL 17: AC Slater (Gellert)
EL 18: Brew's Crew (Arnoult)
EL 19: Wisdom (Fazzio)
EL 99: Yankee Pride (McGrain)
ML 1: Matzoh Marinara (Antin)
ML 2: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 3: Shogun of Harlem (Antin)
ML 4: The Other Side (Arnoult)
ML 5: Dave's Destroyers (D'Aurora)
ML 6: Chief Wahoo (Hammond/Williams)
ML 7: Buffalo Horseheads (Krupa/Gough)
ML 8: Shogun of Harlem (Antin)
ML 9: LUke's on First (Dantonio)
ML 10: Dave's Destroyers (D'Aurora)
ML 11: Red Dragon (Morris)
ML 12: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 14: Dave's Destroyers (D'Aurora)
ML 15: Dave's Destroyers (D'Aurora)
ML 17: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 20: Double D (Dinges)
ML 21: Bleacher Bums (Stein)
ML 22: CM Punk (Morris)
ML 25: Troy Cardinals (Zoltowski)
ML 26: Phillies (Gorman)
ML 27: Built 4 Speed (Stein)
ML 28: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 29: The Plantation (M. Deutsch)

Teams of the Week 2018:
Week 1: A Clever Team Name, ML 9, 437 (Trimper)
Week 2: CM Punk, ML 22, 430 (T. Morris)
Week 3: The Outsiders, ML 11, 440 (D. Markau)
Week 4: Vottomatically Kicking Toenis, CL 1, 424 (Bradley)
Week 5: Built 4 Speed, EL 4, 440 (M. Stein)
Week 6: Pocket Aces, ML 2, 489 (J. Gallagher)
Week 7: Rangers, EL 13, 422 (M. Cremer)
Week 8: Horseheads Buffalos, ML 21, 398 (Krupa/Gough)
Week 9: Dave's Destroyers, ML 26, 448 (D. D'Aurora)
Week 10: Bronx Bombers, EL 9, 451 (Deutsch)
Week 11: Nationals, EL 8, 405 (S. Oddy)
Week 12: Wisdom, EL 19, 426 (M. Fazzio)
Week 13: Brew's Crew, EL 18, 447 (Arnoult)
Week 14: Rays, ML 5, 422 (C. Smith)
Week 15: Dave's Destroyers, ML 2, 447 (D. D'Aurora)
Week 16: All Star Week
Week 17: The Shogun of Harlem, ML 8, 464 (B. Antin)
Week 18: Bronx Zoo, EL 99, 437 (M. Krupa)
Week 19: Matzoh Marinara, ML 1, 447 (B. Antin)

Transaction Schedule
RD 1 pickups: Thursday (Sept. 6th)
Trades due: past deadline
RD 2 pickups: Saturday (Sept 8th, last pickupof the year)

Check out the Teams for Sale... some really good teams available!

To see the entire list, please go to: Teams for Sale
If you are new to the site, please check out: Rules
Email me: brian@mrsports.com

Fearless Preditctions 2018
AL West: Boston
AL Central: Cleveland
AL East: Houston
Wild Card: LA Angels, Min.
NL West: LA Dodgers
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL East: Nationals
Wild Card: Colorado, NY Mets

AL Champion: Boston
NL Champion: LA Dodgers

World Series Champion: LA Dodgers

AL MVP: B. Harper
NL MVP: M. Betts
AL ROY: W. Calhoun
NL ROY: L. Brinson
AL Cy Young: J. Berrios
NL Cy Young: A. Nola

Highest Scoring fantasy Player
Hitter: B. Harper
Pitcher: K. Jansen

Biggest Fantasy Bust
Hitter: R. Zimmerman
Pitcher: J. Quintana

Comeback Fantasy Player
AL: R. Odor
NL: I. Desmond

You Suck and Always Will Suck in Fantasy
AL: A. Gordon
NL: A. Russell

Like it, hate it, respond to it!

Enjoy the season, have fun!

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

We will accept checks made payable to Mr.Sports and mailed to:
Mr. Sports
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Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
You can also log in to your team and you will be promted to pay at that time.
Please note: Mr. Sports requires payment up-front in order to use all services for your team(s).

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

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