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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2015!
The Best in Fantasy Baseball since 1996!

It's January and we are in full swing with baseball here at Mr. Sports!!

April 5: Season starts, lineups due in the system by 8:00pm EST

For those of you who want to DRAFT a team, here is the schedule:
Champion 2: March 28, Noon EST... FULL
Champion 3: April 4, Noon EST
Pro League 2: March 28, 3:00 EST... 4 Spots left!!!
Pro League 3: April 4, 3:00 EST

Drafts are live on the phone, 29 rounds and take about 2 hours to complete... one of the most fun times of the year is getting to draft a team!

Email me ASAP to reserve your spot(s)... leagues fill up fast!!

Player Position changes for 2015

Player name- New Position- Old Position
H. Ramirez- OF- SS
A. Rendon- 3B- 2B
R. Zimmerman- 1B- 3B
R. De La Rosa- SP- RP
A. Lind- 1B- DH
A. Wood- SP- RP
C. Carter- DH- 1B
J. Baez- 2B- SS
D. Gordon- 2B- SS
Z. Britton- RP- SP
C. Santana- 1B- C
E. Gattis- OF- C
P. Alvarez- 1B- 3B
L. Duda- 1B- OF
S. Pearce- OF- 1B
S. Greene- SP- RP
A. Craig- OF- 1B
G. Jones- OF- 1B
D. Betances- RP- SP
B. Moss- OF- 1B
K. Vargas- DH- 1B
M. Betts- OF- 2B
N. Cruz- DH- OF
M. Morse- 1B- OF
A. Rodriguez- DH- 3B
Y. Escobar- 2B- SS
N. Franklin- 2B- SS

Congrats to the CHAMPS... good luck in the Super Tourney!!

CL 1: Wallbangers (P. Felker)
CL 2: Biggest Sticks (M.Fazzio/B.Antin)
Elite: Toronto Tontos (R. Holmes)
EL 1: Bleacher Bums (M. Stein)
EL 2: Junkmail (B. Deutsch/J.Arvidson)
EL 3: Natural Grass (M.Krupa/T.Gough)
EL 4: NYSE (M. Dorgan)
EL 5: Bad Reputation (R. Zoltowski)
EL 7: Junk Mail (D. Deutsch/JArvidson)
EL 8: Bronx Zoo (T. Vara/J. Witter)
EL 9: Trading Post (M.Deutsch/J.Brown)
EL 13: Gamers (G. Siebern)
EL 14: Junk Mail (B. Deutsch)
EL 16: Built 4 Speed (M. Stein)
EL 17: Sirach (M. Fazzio)
EL 18: Daves Destroyers (D. D'Aurora)
EL 19: Astros (D. McAlpine)
EL 99: Miracle Mets (A. Nardi)
ML 1: Monarchs (G. Bibik)
ML 2: Atomic Punks (G. Gibson)
ML 3: Wrigleyville Cubs (S. Prindiville)
ML 4: Trading Post (M.Deutsch/J.Brown)
ML 5: Daves Destroyers (D. D'Aurora)
ML 6: All The KIngs Horses (D. Arnoult)
ML 7: Fightin Phils (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 8: The Shogun of Harlem (B. Antin)
ML 9: Mustangs (D. Kochersberger)
ML 10: South Beach BOys (K. Martinson)
ML 11: Dubbs (R. Long)
ML 12: Junkmail (B.Deutsch/J.Arvidson)
ML 14: Zephaniah (M. Fazzio)
ML 15: Dubbs Dealerz (R.Long/Z.Downs)
ML 17: Built 4 Speed (M. Stein)
ML 20: The Outsiders (D. Markau)
ML 21: Al Davis Slackers (J. Hatcher)
ML 22: Trading Post (M. Deutsch/J.Brown)
ML 25: Second 2 None (S. Cooper)
ML 26: Justintime (J. Abbey)
PL 1: Stone City Sluggers (S. Clement)

Within 2 days of the conclusion of the Super Tourney, you will receive an email from me with your balance.

Teams for Sale:
To see the entire list, please go to: Teams for Sale

If you are new to the site, please check out: Rules

Thursday: RD 1 pickups
Friday: Trades due
Saturday: RD 2 pickups

2014 Fearless Predictions

AL East: Toronto
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Angels
AL Wild Cards: KC, Boston
AL Pennant: Angels

NL East: Washington
NL Central: St. Louis
NL West: San Francisco
NL Wild Card: Atlanta, Los Angeles
NL Pennant: Atlanta

World Series Winner: Atlanta

AL MVP: M. Trout (Miggy won't go 3-straight)
NL MVP: B. Harper (The takeover happens this year)
AL Cy Young: J. Verlander (retakes his spot as top-dog)
NL Cy Young: J. Fernandez (best stuff, terrible team, too good to overlook)
AL ROY: N. Castellanos (not a good showing at the end of 2013, puts that to bed in 2014)
NL ROY: G. Springer (Can't hold this guy down in AAA for long)

Like it, hate it... reaction!

Have a great year everyone...

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

We will accept checks made payable to Mr.Sports and mailed to:
Mr. Sports
27702 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite D-4 #181
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
You can also log in to your team and you will be promted to pay at that time.
Please note: Mr. Sports requires payment up-front in order to use all services for your team(s).

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

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