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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2017!
The Best in Fantasy Baseball since 1996!

Hard to believe we are already through 11 Weeks!
Just 7 weeks left to make your move

Team of the Week (Week 11)

Zephaniah 2:3 in ML 14 (owned by Marc Fazzio)
Zeph scored 425 (253 hitting, 172 pitching) lead by:
E. Encarnacion-49pts: welcome to the season EE!!!
E. Thames-39pts: a true surprise this seaosn, who would have predicted this?
J.Vargas-38pts: a higer PPG than Kershaw??... next you're going to tell me Aaron Judge is a 5.14ppg player!
Zeph is ranked 18th in pitching and 93rd overall in Mr. Sports.
Congrats on a great week Marc!

The Bizarro Season Continues
*Greg Holland- 308pts... has the 5th most points of any fantasy player... only players with more: Judge (334), Goldy (333), Blackmon (318), Votto (311)
*Speaking of surprising, ALL RISE!... The Judge has entered the park... 5.14ppg is the best for fantasy hitters... we all knew there was the power talent but a .333 avg?... he hasn't done that since A ball
*A Trifecta of unreal performances: L. Morrison (3.76ppg), J. Smoak (3.68ppg), J.Bour (3.67ppg)... when will they wake up and realize they aren't Barry Bonds?... ride the wave while you can!
*Keuchel: huge comback this season after a lost 2016... he is the SP leader at 20.55ppg... domination!
*Some great late round and free agent pitching surprises:
***E. Santana- 17.33ppg... what is this guy drinking?... he must be channeling his inner Pedro!
***J. Vargas- 17.71ppg... never more than a 13ppg pitcher, now he is better than Kershaw?
***A. Wood- 14.50ppg... he has been a K machine since joining the rotation

Not all has been well in the fanasty world... some real team-killers out there
Hitters: Machado, 3.29... Yelich- 3.24...Miggy- 3.18... Odor- 2.80... Schwarber- 2.80... Bregman- 2.68... A. Diaz- 2.63... A.Russell- 2.62... CarGo- 2.56... W. Contreras- 2.41... Lucroy- 2.34... Tulo- 2.14

I hope you only have one of these guys on your team... if you went with Miggy, Odor, Tulo, Machado, Yelich, Schwarber... Oh boy... you're planning for 2018!

Pitching: Lester- 12.07... Cueto- 11.60... Verlander- 11.57... Hendricks- 11.09... Arrieta- 10.64... Porcello- 9.87... M. Harvey- 9.08... A. Sanchez- 9.00... D. Salazar- 6.92... Gausman "the GasMan"- 6.53

Three Cubs SP's that are way down, no wonder they are not playing well... BUT they are only 0.5 game out of first place!!!

*Some outstanding young talent has vaulted onto the scene:
***C. Bellinger- 4.73ppg... 3rd best OF, 2nd best 1B... his dad has 12 career HR's in 312ab's... Cody has 22 HR's in 219ab's... this kid is a monster, such a fun swing to watch
***G. Sanchez- 4.02ppg... I think we all expected this, big expectations and he is living up to the hype... an early season injury hurt your fantasy team but hopefully you were patient... if so, you have been rewarded
***J. Gallo- 3.33ppg... although he has faded the last thre weeks (his 38% K rate doesn't help matters) he is still one of the better power hitting prospects in baseball... I think we have Mr. Adam Dunn Jr.
***J. Berrios- 17.29ppg... was absoutely out of his league in 2016... in 2017, he is showing why he is one of the top pithing prospects in baseball... domination over 7 starts
***The trio of Colorado SP's: Hoffman, Freeland, Senzatela... young kids getting the job done, 15.00ppg,14.07ppg, 13.50ppg respectively
***Just missing the cut, other rookies worth watching: A. Benintendi, Happ, T. Mancini, M. Chapman, D. Fisher, J. Winker, Taillon (congrats to him for coming back from cancer!), Faria, E. Rodriguez

Past Team of the Week Winners
Week 1: 427, Giants, ML 25, M. Cremmer
Week 2: 433, Dave's Destroyers, ML 12, D. D'Aurora
Week 3: 487, CM Punk, ML 22, T. Morris
Week 4: 452, Tito Puente's All-Stars, ML 21, S. Marris
Week 5: 445, Brookyln Cyclones, EL 9, S. Dubofsky
Week 6: 425, The Outsiders, ML 20, D. Markau
Week 7: 427, No Use for RP's, CL 1, J. Bradley
Week 8: 410, Dave's Destroyers, EL 18, D. D'Aurora
Week 9: 427, Dave's Destroyers, EL 8, D. D'Aurora
Week 10: 448, Old School Highlanders, ML 28, F. Priolo

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Fearless Preditctions
AL West: Rangers
AL Central: Tigers
AL East: Orioles
Wild Card: Indians over Red Sox
NL West: Dodgers
NL Central: Cubs
NL East: Nationals
Wild Card: Rockies over Giants

AL Champion: Indians
NL Champion: Dodgers

World Series Champion: Indians

AL MVP: Correa-HOU
NL MVP: Arenado-COL
AL ROY: Benintendi-BOS
NL ROY: Swanson- ATl
AL Cy Young: Sale-BOS
NL Cy Young: Cueto- SF

Like it, hate it, respond to it!

Enjoy the season, have fun!

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

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