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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2015!
The Best in Fantasy Baseball since 1996!

Already at Week 9.... the season is flying by!!!

I look for a lot of trades to happen over the next few weeks
Trade deadline is Week 14.

Team of the Week (week 9)
Daves Destroyers II in Expert League 8, owned by Dave D'Aurora, with 444

J. Bautista: 43pts, the old man is the 2nd best OF'er in fantasy right now... Joey Bats just keeps putting up huge numbers
P. Goldschmidt: 29pts, ranked as the #1 option at 1B and the only player to be close to 5.00ppg, he is just a stud... trade for him if you can, he won't be cheap but worth every penny
G. Stanton: 27pts, no other hitter is more fun to watch than this big man... 450 foot HR's are a regular occurance... Paul Bunyan has nothing on this dude

M. Melancon: 58pts, the Pirates are finally putting up some wins and he is cashing in... 8 saves in two weeks
C. Archer: 48pts, in his last three starts: 38K's, 1 ER, 2 wins... and over his last 5 outings he has 4 wins and 3 ER's
C. Kershaw: 46pts, I was getitng worried there for a little bit... now in his last 5 starts, he has 4 wins and cut his ERA almost a full run... there is Superman!

Congrats again, Dave!!

Past TOTW Winners
WK 1: Colorado Hardballs, CL 1, J. Edelen - 404
WK 2: One Eyed Jacks, ML 7, B. Hewitt - 436
WK 3: Bleacher Bums 3, ML 21, M. Stein - 408
WK 4: Twins, EL 16, M. Hoffmaster - 444
WK 5: Basket Case, ML 26, M. Hoffmaster - 431
WK 6: Built 4 Speed, ML 17, M. Stein - 454
WK 7: Dealerz, ML 22, Z. Downs - 398
WK 8: Mind Reflections, ML 12, T. Huegin - 437

Teams for Sale:
To see the entire list, please go to: Teams for Sale
Expert League: $100
Major League: $50

If you are new to the site, please check out: Rules

Thursday: RD 1 pickups (posted Friday morning)
Friday: Trades due (voted and posted Saturday)
Saturday: RD 2 pickups (posted Sunday morning)

2015 Fearless Predictions

AL East: Boston
AL Central: Tigers
AL West: Angels
AL Wild Cards: KC, Cleveland
AL Pennant: Angels

NL East: Washington
NL Central: St. Louis
NL West: Dodgers
NL Wild Card: Chicago, Pirates
NL Pennant: Washington

World Series Winner: Angels

AL MVP: M. Trout (still the best!)
NL MVP: B. Harper (breakout season, Mr. Trout Jr.)
AL Cy Young: D. Price (I can't believe no one is talking about him)
NL Cy Young: A. Wainwright (the best pitcher on the best run team)
AL ROY: T. Walker (great 1-2 punch with King Felix)
NL ROY: J. Soler (all the talk is Bryant, well this stud gets it done)

Like it, hate it... reaction!

Have a great year everyone...

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

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Mr. Sports
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You can also log in to your team and you will be promted to pay at that time.
Please note: Mr. Sports requires payment up-front in order to use all services for your team(s).

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

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