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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2018!
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Week 4 of the season already.... that first month flew by!

Team of the Week #4:
Vottomatically Kicking Yoenis (CL 1, 424, J.Bradley)
The Offense was led by: Votto(46), Gennett (36), Haniger (36)
The Pitching staff was led by: Gio G (28), deGrom (24), McCarthy (24)
Yoenis needed this 9-0 week to get back into the thick of the race. He is now only 11 games back.
Excellent week, Jimmy.

The first four weeks of the season are in the books.
Lets look at: The Good, The Bad, The Season-Killing!

The Good
Players like: Trout, Harper, Blackmon, Machado, Freeman, JD Martinez, Sanchez have all delivered over the 4.0ppg everyone expected.
Some of the surprises that have propelled your team to the top thus far:
*Didi: 5.07... yes that is FIVE PPG through 30 games
*Pollock: 4.79... enjoy it before he gets hurt
*Baez: 4.44... if K's cant stay down (23% rate now) he will stay a top 2B/SS
*Lowrie: 4.40... always has the talent, see Pollock... guessing we will see Barreto soon
*Davidson: 4.00... at a 30% K rate (thinkk Adam Dunn), he will have to keeping hititng bombs to stay at a high PPG... enjoy while you can
*Manaea: 23.35... a no-hitter and not a single bad start
*Corbin: 17.67... fantastic start, has rewarded your team nicely... I like this to keep up
*Snell: 15.57... has all the stuff to be a great SP, showing it now

The Bad
These are the players that you expected to be good, maybe not elite, but solid... not killing you yet but a turnaround in May must happen
I'll say these guys fit: Dozier (3.15), McCutchen (3.03), Votto (3.03), Merrifield (2.97)
My top three hitters and pitchers in this category
*Gardner: 2.89... hititng in a really good lineup, a great 2nd and 3rd OF option for a team
*Olson: 2.86... could be argued he is a team-killer since he was traded a lot in preseason... but I'll put him here as this is disappointing but not a shocking start
*Bregman: 2.71... expected MUCH more from this talented kid... I'll expect him to turn it around as the weather gets warmer
*Greinke: 11.50... will turn it around soon is my guess but has hurt teams so far
*Paxton: 10.57... people expected a ton out of him, around the 15 range... not yet, but don't fret... I believe May is a boon for him
*Weaver: 9.00... many believed he was ready to "break-out"... I think he is still stuck inside

The Season-Killers
If you have three or four of these players on your team, "turn the lights out"
*Seager: 2.81...the LAD SS was bad then he has TJ surgery, killer!
*Rizzo: 2.40...while I don't expect a 4.0 from him, I do expect high 3's... killer!
*Schoop: 2.29... either you spent a high pick or you gave great players for him in preseason... only 14 games played, needs a BIG May.... killer!
*Odor: 1.82... only 11 games played and probably did usall a favor that he got hurt... cut losses, dump him... killer!
*Imagine in preseaosn, how good you would feel with this staff:
**Stroman (21pts), Lynn (18pts), Ray (51pts), Duffy (45pts), Darvish (33pts), Archer (59pts)
**Jansen (59pts), Rodney (58pts), Iglesias (54pts), Giles (49pts)
To put the RP in context, Familia scored 51 in Week 1... and all the SP's have started at least 5 games

One month in, let's check in on rookies in the majors
*Ohtani: the last two weeks have been tough, still a 3.86 hitter and a 10ppg SP
*Albies: 4.69... one month in and he is the top 2B, 10 HR's and counting!
*Kingery: 2.48... last two weeks rough, only 13 total points... expect ups and downs here
*Torres: 2.27... debuted this week... hititng in the powerful NYY lineup, let's see what happens
*Acuna: 4.50... only 8 games in, this guy is insane... hype is equalling his talent so far
*Brinson: 1.86... rough first month for the 23-yr old... MIA is going nowhere, just relax Lewis
*Winker: 2.48... .302 avg and no HR's through 28 games... just not gonna cut it for fantasy
*Cordero: 3.79... has just hit since coming up... expect more long balls from him
*JP Crawford: 1.85... now he is hurt, wasn't very good anyway
*Andujar: 2.91... last two weeks have been very good, 4.50ppg
*McMahon: 0.96... sent back to AAA, not his fault... no playing time... my suggestion: send Desmond to AA
*B. Anderson: 2.80... K-rate is low and getitng to play... pretty solid
*Villanueva: 4.12... this kid can hit and hit for power, exactly what we look for in fantasy
*Sisco: 1.67... Baltimore, hey Baltimore, start this guy!!!
*Guzman: 2.43... might have a solid average but power looks lacking, looks like littlr fantasy impact
*Moran: 2.57... has to find the pop he had in the minors to become fantasy relevant.
*Vogelsbach: 1.89... had his chance, didn't deliver, back at AAA now... might be looking at Brandon Wood Part II
*Mahle: 10.00... up and down thus far, as expected... and don't count on cheap wins here, CIN is not good
*Lucchesi: 13.17... really like this kid, would be happy with this production all year
*Chirinos: 8.00... three bad outings and to the DL
*Romero: 20.00... debuted Week 5, #1 SP in MIN minors... probably earned himself another look
*Flaherty: 9.00... only 22, expect him to be really good by year-end and say bye-bye to Wainwright

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RD 2 pickups: Saturdays

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Fearless Preditctions 2018
AL West: Boston
AL Central: Cleveland
AL East: Houston
Wild Card: LA Angels, Min.
NL West: LA Dodgers
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL East: Nationals
Wild Card: Colorado, NY Mets

AL Champion: Boston
NL Champion: LA Dodgers

World Series Champion: LA Dodgers

AL MVP: B. Harper
NL MVP: M. Betts
AL ROY: W. Calhoun
NL ROY: L. Brinson
AL Cy Young: J. Berrios
NL Cy Young: A. Nola

Highest Scoring fantasy Player
Hitter: B. Harper
Pitcher: K. Jansen

Biggest Fantasy Bust
Hitter: R. Zimmerman
Pitcher: J. Quintana

Comeback Fantasy Player
AL: R. Odor
NL: I. Desmond

You Suck and Always Will Suck in Fantasy
AL: A. Gordon
NL: A. Russell

Like it, hate it, respond to it!

Enjoy the season, have fun!

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

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