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Welcome to Mr. Sports Baseball 2017!
The Best in Fantasy Baseball since 1996!

2017 has barely begun and we are in full swing here at Mr. Sports!!!

Below are the key dates to remember

Jan 2nd: 2017 site up: you will be able to pay/put cutdowns in the system
Feb 17/18 and 24/25: Early Bird pickups for teams paid-in-full
Feb 22nd: positions for the upcoming season will be set for the start of the season…all position changes are below as they are changed
Feb 27th: Last day of preseason trading
March 1st: Cutdowns due in the system
March 2nd: Cutdowns posted by 11:00am EST
March 5th: RD 1 of the redraft starts
March 23rd: RD 19, Last day of the redraft
April 2nd: Start of the season!

2017 DRAFTS:
Champion League 1: March 25th, noon EST
Champion League 2: April 1st, noon EST
Pro League 1: March 25th, 3:00pm EST
Pro League 2: April 1st, 3:00pm EST
NEW KEEPER LEAGUE: Major League 28: March 26th, noon EST
Email me at brian@mrsports.com ASAP to reserve your spot now!!

Enjoy off season trading… it is my favorite time of year…

Position Changes: New (Old)
N. Cruz- DH (OF)
J. Gallo- DH (3B)
I. Desmond- 1B (SS)
B. Drury- 2B (3B)
A. Bregman- 3B (SS)
Y. Gurriel- 1B (3B)
R. Mondesi- 2B (SS)
D. Espinosa- 2B (SS)
T. Shaw- 3B (1B)
J. Villar- 2B (SS)
E. Thames- 1B (OF)
M. Sano- 3B (OF)
M. Holliday- DH (OF)
H. Kendrick- OF (2B)
J. Bell- 1B (OF)
R. Schimpf- 2B (3B)
J. Gyorko- 3B (2B)
M. Carpenter- 1B (3B)
B. Miller- 1B (SS)
N. Franklin- OF (SS)
P. Profar- 1B (2B)
J, Reyes- 3B (SS)
J. Peralta- 3B (SS)
T. Austin- 1B (OF)
R. Healy- 3B (1B)
J. Ramirez- 3B (SS)
M. Duffy- SS (3B)
H. Perez- 3B (SS)
C. Cuthbert- DH (3B)
H. Ramirez- DH (1B)
W. Merrifield- 2B (OF)
M. Andriese- SP (RP)
J. Guerra- SP (RP)
A. Conley- SP (RP)
T. Thornburg- RP (SP)
S. Wright- SP (RP)

Any questions or suggestions, let me know
Positions are based on where a player is EXPECTED to play in 2017, not necessarily where he played in 2016

Congrats to all of the 2016 Champions!!

Congrats to Bruce Deutsch for winning the Super Tourney!

CL 1: Wallbangers (P. Felker)
CL 2: Desert Dirt Dawgs (S. Clement)
Elite: Buffalo Blizzrd (M. Krupa)
EL 1: Dropping a Deuce (B. Deutsch)
EL 2: Galatians (M. Fazzio)
EL 3: Irish Panthers (Fazzio/Mazzoni)
EL 4: Built 4 Speed (M. Stein)
EL 5: Blue Jays (M. Cremer)
EL 7: Philippians (M. Fazzio)
EL 8: Mad Dogs Venom (J. Porter)
EL 9: Horseheads Buffalos (Gough/Krupa)
EL 13: Rangers (M. Cremer)
EL 14: Romans (M. Fazzio)
EL 16: Potatoes Are The Greatest (D. Arnoult)
EL 17: AC Slater (P. Gellert)
EL 18: Dave's Destroyers (D. D'Aurora)
EL 19: Basket Case (M. Hoffmaster)
EL 99: Bronx Zoo (M. Krupa)
ML 1: Angels (R. Servaty)
ML 2: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 3: Worst to First (Gough/Krupa)
ML 4: Les Expos (Mick and JD Lussier)
ML 5: Rounding Third (Gough/Krupa)
ML 6: Marlins (R. Soucy)
ML 7: Fightin Phils (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 8: Broken Hallelujah (D. Arnoult)
ML 9: Magic Orioles (Lisa & Dakota Dinges)
ML 10: Basket case (M. Hoffmaster)
ML 11: Red Dragon (T. Morris)
ML 12: Bronx Bombers (B. Deutsch)
ML 14: Dave's Destroyers (D. D'Aurora)
ML 15: Renegades (G. Linn)
ML 17: Thunderbirds (M. O'Neil)
ML 20: Don's Dingers (D. Ross)
ML 21: Bleacher Bums (M. Stein)
ML 22: CM Punk (T. Morris)
ML 25: McNasty Hitmen (T. Barker)
ML 26: Tippy Twistas (T. Wolstencroft)
ML 27: Dave's Destroyers (D. D'Aurora)
PL 1: Get 'em over, Get 'em in! (R. Holmes)

Team of the Week winners for 2016
WK 1: 406, Monkey Robots, J. Porter, EL 7
WK 2: 428, Potatoes are the Greatest, D. Arnoult, EL 16
WK 3: 435, Dave's Destroyers, D. D'Aurora, EL 13
WK 4: 415, Built 4 Speed, M. Stein, EL 5
WK 5: 436, Dave's Destroyers, D. D'Aurora, EL 8
WK 6: 462, Bronx Bombers, B. Deutsch, EL 14
WK 7: 426, Mad Dog's Venom, J. Porter, EL 8
WK 8: 447, Dubbs Dealerz, Ryan long and Zack Downs, ML 15
WK 9: 459, Bronx Bombers, Bruce and Evan Deutsch, ML 2
WK 10: 430, Mind Reflections, T. Huegin, EL 19
WK 11: 444, Who Needs RPs?, J. Bradley, CL 2
WK 12: 437, Renegades, G. Lin, ML 15
WK 13: 454, Sirach 26:1, M. Fazzio, EL 17
WK 14: 443, Al Davis Client #10, J. Hatcher, ML 15
WK 15: All Star Break
WK 16: 445, Nimrods, M. Hoffmaster, EL 18
WK 17: 407, The Trading Post, M. Deutsch and J. Brown, ML 14
WK 18: 421, Mama's Boys, Denny and Mary Arnoult, ML 12
WK 19: 449, Marauding Moobys, J. Hopper, ML 1

Check out the Teams for Sale!!
Any Expert League Team: $100 (regularly $230)
Any Major League Team: $50 (regularly $150)

To see the entire list, please go to: Teams for Sale
If you are new to the site, please check out: Rules

Get your team now and start trading!!!
Email me: brian@mrsports.com

Transaction Schedule for 2016
Thursday: RD 1 pickups (posted Friday morning)
Friday: Trades due (voted and posted Saturday)
Saturday: RD 2 pickups (posted Sunday morning)

2016 Fearless Predictions

AL East: Orioles
AL Central: Royals
AL West: Angels
AL Wild Card: Astros, Blue Jays
AL Pennant: Angels

NL East: Nationals
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: Giants
NL Wild Card: Dodgers, Mets
NL Pennant: Cardinals

World Series Winner: Angels

AL MVP: Trout (best player, best team, swims strong!)
NL MVP: Harper (2nd best player, most talent, great beard, 60 HR's?)
AL Cy Young: Tanaka (Yanks just miss playoffs but he gets 21 wins!)
NL Cy Young: Bumgarner (leads team to playoffs, 22 wins)
AL ROY: Mazara (up early, much better than his other first-name namesake)
NL ROY: Giolito (up by May, best 1-2 SP punch in MLB)

Have a great year everyone...

One of my favorite baseball songs: Centerfield

If you have any questions, email me anytime.

RP this season... for some reason, the RP's are getting credit as SP's... if you start a RP at a SP spot and they are not eligible, then that RP will not be eligible for points that week... this will be up to the league to police their own teams and let me kn0w accordingly... no changes will be made after the start of the followng week.

We will accept checks made payable to Mr.Sports and mailed to:
Mr. Sports
27702 Crown Valley Parkway, Suite D-4 #181
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
You can also log in to your team and you will be promted to pay at that time.
Please note: Mr. Sports requires payment up-front in order to use all services for your team(s).

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

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