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Pre-Season Schedule

Teams will cutdown to 10-12 players. The Redraft will consist of 19 rounds of daily pickups. If your roster is full before the end of the Redraft, you are allowed to waive a player to continue picking. The deadline will be at Midnight Central Time. The results of each round will be available the next day. NOTE: For those that forgot, there was a rule that was implemented last year to prevent tanking. It was as follows: "The pick order for the redraft will be based on team records through week 12. This will prevent teams from trying to �tank� to get a better pick position. If a team makes the playoffs they will automatically pick between 9-12." That way, people won't attempt to lose on purpose at the end of the year just to pick higher in the redraft. The pick order you see below, reflects that.
Cutdowns will be posted in the Cutdowns section of the Pre-Season section.
Redraft Results of each day will be posted in the Redraft section.

Major League 04
Redraft Pick Order, 2019
PickTeam# of Keepers
1.Blue Jays12
2.Sons Of Pitches12
3.Dexy's Midnight RISP12
4.Dinger's R Us12
5.Can of Corn11
6.Les Expos11
8.4 Gamers11
9.Wait till This Year10
10.Basket Case10
11.Mind Reflections10
12.The Other Side10
Major League 04
Pre-Season Schedule
RoundDate of Deadline
Redraft 1 Done
Redraft 2 Done
Redraft 3 Done
Redraft 4 Done
Redraft 5 Done
Redraft 6 Done
Redraft 7 Done
Redraft 8 Done
Redraft 9 Done
Redraft 10 Done
Redraft 11 Done
Redraft 12 Done
Redraft 13 Done
Redraft 14 Done
Redraft 15 Done
Redraft 16 Done
Redraft 17 Done
Redraft 18 Done
Redraft 19 March 23