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Current Ownership

Yandy Diaz
1st Baseman, 3rd Baseman, Designated Hitter
Tampa Bay Rays
Birthday: August 08, 1991   Age: 28
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Champion League 01Arbitrage
Champion League 02 Free Agent
Champion League 03Buffalo Horseheads
Elite LeagueLadera Ranch Refurbishing
Expert League 01Basket Case
Expert League 02NYSE:PG
Expert League 03The Plantation
Expert League 04Basket Case
Expert League 05KC Monarchs
Expert League 07Below Zero
Expert League 08Nationals
Expert League 09Second 2 None
Expert League 13NYSE
Expert League 14Birmingham Black Barons
Expert League 16Newark Eagles
Expert League 17Cleveland Buckeyes
Expert League 18Brew's Crew
Expert League 19St. Louis Stars
Expert League 99Longo162
Hall of Fame LeagueTom Morris
Major League 01Damage Inc.
Major League 02Gizzy
Major League 03Green Wave
Major League 04Dinger's R Us
Major League 05Washington Potomacs
Major League 06Gizzy
Major League 07Fightin Phils
Major League 08The Shogun of Harlem
Major League 09Bumgaardians
Major League 10GRAND SLAM
Major League 11Red Dragon
Major League 12Shogun of Harlem
Major League 14Homestead Grays
Major League 15Rising Fire
Major League 17Maryland Madness
Major League 20The Cleveland Curse
Major League 21Kenny Power's All-Stars
Major League 22Basket Case
Major League 25Twin City Gophers
Major League 26Call to the Pen
Major League 27Basket Case
Major League 28Cuban X-Giants
Major League 29Second 2 None
Major League 30The Lucchesi Syndicate

On TeamFree AgentOn Team %
431 97.73