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Eric Hosmer
1st Baseman
San Diego Padres
Birthday: October 24, 1989   Age: 29
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Champion League 01Going Yard
Champion League 02Ryan Berger
Champion League 03Built 4 Speed
Elite LeagueAtlanta Bad Boys
Expert League 01Arctic Storm
Expert League 02Bronx Bombers
Expert League 03Mark Davis Bowl Cut
Expert League 04Brooklyn Cyclones
Expert League 05Barking Zombies
Expert League 07Chicago Warriors
Expert League 08Nationals
Expert League 09Bronx Bombers
Expert League 13Skull Squadron
Expert League 14Maryland Madness 2
Expert League 16Boognish Rising
Expert League 17Blazing Balls
Expert League 18Navigators
Expert League 19Rangers
Expert League 99Green Monster
Hall of Fame LeagueBleacher Bums
Major League 01Hammerin Hoff 2
Major League 02Royals
Major League 03The Podcast
Major League 044 Gamers
Major League 05Redbirds
Major League 06Batta Bing
Major League 07Cubs Win
Major League 08Bleacher Bums
Major League 09High Voltage
Major League 10Dark Horse
Major League 11Brewers
Major League 12Nationals
Major League 14Gizzy
Major League 15Renegades
Major League 17108 Stitches
Major League 20The Gambler
Major League 21Horseheads Buffalos
Major League 22Baw Baw
Major League 25McNasty Hitmen
Major League 26Call to the Pen
Major League 27Ryan Servanty
Major League 28Bronx Bombers
Major League 29Gizzy
Major League 30Built 4 Speed

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