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Aaron Hicks
New York Yankees
Birthday: October 02, 1989   Age: 29
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Champion League 01Arbitrage
Champion League 02Lady On My Face
Champion League 03Smoak Sale Here!
Elite LeagueLadera Ranch Refurbishing
Expert League 01Ephesians 5:18
Expert League 02Bronx Bombers
Expert League 03The Plantation
Expert League 04Brooklyn Cyclones
Expert League 05Reds
Expert League 07Bomb Squad
Expert League 08Daves Destroyers II
Expert League 09Revelation 21:8
Expert League 13A's
Expert League 14Padres
Expert League 16Reds
Expert League 17Indians
Expert League 18Whiz Kids
Expert League 19Spanish Fly
Expert League 99My Oh My
Hall of Fame LeagueSizzlechest Rizzo's
Major League 01The Commerce Comet
Major League 02Bronx Bombers
Major League 03Fly the W
Major League 04Dexy's Midnight RISP
Major League 05Rounding Third
Major League 06Gizzy
Major League 07Bat Crack Fever
Major League 08Twins
Major League 09Bumgaardians
Major League 10Diamond Dust
Major League 11The Staff of Moses
Major League 12Nationals
Major League 14Dat Porter Pick :)
Major League 15Dubbs Dealerz
Major League 17Second 2 None
Major League 20The Green Machine
Major League 21Whiz Kids
Major League 22Cubs
Major League 25Troy Cardinals
Major League 26Senegals
Major League 27Bat Flippers 2
Major League 28Pineapple Conures
Major League 29No Pitching, No Probem
Major League 30The Plantation

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