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Joshua Bell
1st Baseman
Pittsburgh Pirates
Birthday: August 12, 1992   Age: 26
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Champion League 01Colorado Hardballers
Champion League 02Did You Winker At Me?
Champion League 03Desert Dirt Dawgs
Elite LeagueToronto Tontos
Expert League 01Bleacher Bums 2
Expert League 02NYSE:PG
Expert League 03Padres
Expert League 04All The Kings Men
Expert League 05Mind Reflections
Expert League 07Mind Reflections
Expert League 08Daves Destroyers II
Expert League 09NYSE: GILD
Expert League 13Skull Squadron
Expert League 14Angels
Expert League 16Urinal Mints
Expert League 17Flying Hubcaps
Expert League 18Skull Squadron
Expert League 19Spanish Fly
Expert League 99kOZZIE BALL
Hall of Fame LeagueBleacher Bums
Major League 01NYSE: USB
Major League 02Atomic Punks
Major League 03Wrigleyville Cubs
Major League 04Wait till This Year
Major League 05Mind Reflections
Major League 06Mind Reflections
Major League 07Marauding Moobys
Major League 08Bleacher Bums
Major League 09McNasty ShitSlingers
Major League 10Hammerin' Hoff
Major League 11Red Dragon
Major League 12McNasty Mashers
Major League 142nd Chance
Major League 15Wait Til This Year
Major League 17108 Stitches
Major League 20Goombah
Major League 21Bottom of the Pack
Major League 22Baw Baw
Major League 25Yankees
Major League 26Mean Street
Major League 27Dave's Destroyers
Major League 28Rays
Major League 29Dinger Dome
Major League 30Splendid Splinters

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