2017 Super Tournament
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Super Tournament StandingsOwnership Breakdown

2017 Super Tournament as of Friday 7:57 AM Central
RankTeam NameLeagueWeek 1Week 2TotalLive Stats
1. Dave's DestroyersML26421314 735Live Stats
2. Red DragonML11393195 588Live Stats
3. Rounding ThirdML5387192 579Live Stats
4. Galatians 2:16EL2418157 575Live Stats
5. CM PunkML22379188 567Live Stats
6. Basket CaseML4383183 566Live Stats
7. MustangsML9424138 562Live Stats
8. Corona CubsEL7367184 551Live Stats
9. Romans 8:5EL14393157 550Live Stats
10. Sirach 26:1EL17396149 545Live Stats
11. Tito Puente's All-StarsML21395148 543Live Stats
11. Tucson TorosCL1357186 543Live Stats
13. Poker in the RearML7394147 541Live Stats
14. Dave's Destroyers IVEL13390150 540Live Stats
15. Mama's BoysML12383156 539Live Stats
16. HammerTimeML20337179 516Live Stats
17. Bronx BombersEL9373134 507Live Stats
18. Big SticksEL18296208 504Live Stats
19. Damage IncML6363139 502Live Stats
20. The Trading PostML27336165 501Live Stats
21. Dark HorseML10311179 490Live Stats
22. Worst to FirstML3341148 489Live Stats
23. McNasty HitmenML25295192 487Live Stats
24. Shogun of HarlemEL16353132 485Live Stats
25. The Shogun of HarlemML8346136 482Live Stats
25. Desert Dirt DawgsCL2355127 482Live Stats
27. Basket CaseEL5329152 481Live Stats
28. Bronx BombersML17354125 479Live Stats
29. Bad Reputation 2EL1323153 476Live Stats
30. Summer CatchEL3305169 474Live Stats
31. Bronx BombersML2354116 470Live Stats
32. MonarchsML1326143 469Live Stats
33. Leviticus 18:33EL4349119 468Live Stats
34. RenegadesML15336125 461Live Stats
35. Daves Destroyers IIEL8320135 455Live Stats
36. Beyond the IvyEL99284163 447Live Stats
37. Dat Porter Pick :)ML14314124 438Live Stats
38. Gas-House GorillasML28264170 434Live Stats
39. Wisdom 3:9EL1933092 422Live Stats