2018 Super Tournament
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Super Tournament StandingsOwnership Breakdown

2018 Super Tournament as of Monday 3:02 AM Central
RankTeam NameLeagueWeek 1Week 2TotalLive Stats
1. Bronx BombersML2314414 728Live Stats
2. Bronx BombersML28373351 724Live Stats
3. Summer CatchEL3381329 710Live Stats
4. Troy CardinalsML25361326 687Live Stats
5. Save Chief WahooCL1339346 685Live Stats
6. Basket CaseEL1355327 682Live Stats
7. Bleacher Bums 3ML21351330 681Live Stats
8. Horseheads BuffalosEL9343337 680Live Stats
8. The Other SideML4358322 680Live Stats
10. Maccabees 2 1:3EL5268409 677Live Stats
11. Stone City SluggersCL3312364 676Live Stats
12. Double-DML20302361 663Live Stats
13. Dave's DestroyersML14377284 661Live Stats
14. Wisdom 3:9EL19329331 660Live Stats
15. The Shogun of HarlemML3303346 649Live Stats
15. Chief WahooML6366283 649Live Stats
17. Built 4 SpeedML27311336 647Live Stats
18. The Shogun of HarlemML8302337 639Live Stats
19. Slow - Listen - FlowEL8329306 635Live Stats
20. Built 4 SpeedEL7321311 632Live Stats
21. A.C. SlaterEL17331296 627Live Stats
22. Potatoes are the GreatestEL16307317 624Live Stats
22. Matzoh MarinaraML1325299 624Live Stats
24. Bronx BombersML12284325 609Live Stats
25. Brew's CrewEL18337269 606Live Stats
26. Dave's DestroyersML5317287 604Live Stats
27. Red DragonML11356246 602Live Stats
28. Bronx BombersEL13308292 600Live Stats
29. PhilliesML26329270 599Live Stats
30. Dave's DestroyersML10308290 598Live Stats
30. Meet the PhamCL2326272 598Live Stats
32. Romans 8:5EL14268326 594Live Stats
33. Built 4 SpeedEL4300291 591Live Stats
34. Buffalo HorseheadsML7318268 586Live Stats
35. Yankee PrideEL99319258 577Live Stats
36. Bronx BombersML17294271 565Live Stats
37. CM PunkML22225327 552Live Stats
38. Galatians 2:16EL2256285 541Live Stats
39. Luke's on FirstML9266272 538Live Stats
40. The PlantationML29242295 537Live Stats
41. Dave's Destroyer'sML15269257 526Live Stats