2018 Super Tournament
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Super Tournament StandingsOwnership Breakdown

2018 Super Tournament as of Tuesday 11:53 PM Central
RankTeam NameLeagueWeek 1Week 2TotalLive Stats
1. Bronx BombersML2837370 443Live Stats
2. Summer CatchEL338149 430Live Stats
2. Horseheads BuffalosEL934387 430Live Stats
4. Chief WahooML636659 425Live Stats
5. Built 4 SpeedEL7321102 423Live Stats
6. Basket CaseEL135565 420Live Stats
7. Dave's DestroyersML1437742 419Live Stats
8. Stone City SluggersCL3312106 418Live Stats
9. The Other SideML435858 416Live Stats
10. Wisdom 3:9EL1932985 414Live Stats
11. Bronx BombersML231499 413Live Stats
12. A.C. SlaterEL1733181 412Live Stats
12. Bleacher Bums 3ML2135161 412Live Stats
14. Slow - Listen - FlowEL832982 411Live Stats
15. Red DragonML1135649 405Live Stats
16. Potatoes are the GreatestEL1630797 404Live Stats
17. Troy CardinalsML2536141 402Live Stats
18. Double-DML2030296 398Live Stats
19. Built 4 SpeedML2731185 396Live Stats
20. Brew's CrewEL1833755 392Live Stats
21. PhilliesML2632961 390Live Stats
22. Buffalo HorseheadsML731869 387Live Stats
23. Matzoh MarinaraML132558 383Live Stats
24. Save Chief WahooCL133942 381Live Stats
25. Maccabees 2 1:3EL5268111 379Live Stats
26. Dave's DestroyersML1030869 377Live Stats
26. Meet the PhamCL232651 377Live Stats
28. The Shogun of HarlemML830274 376Live Stats
29. Built 4 SpeedEL430074 374Live Stats
30. Dave's DestroyersML531756 373Live Stats
31. Bronx BombersML1729474 368Live Stats
32. The Shogun of HarlemML330363 366Live Stats
33. Yankee PrideEL9931946 365Live Stats
34. Bronx BombersEL1330841 349Live Stats
35. Luke's on FirstML926676 342Live Stats
36. Romans 8:5EL1426862 330Live Stats
37. Bronx BombersML1228438 322Live Stats
38. Dave's Destroyer'sML1526947 316Live Stats
39. Galatians 2:16EL225649 305Live Stats
40. CM PunkML2222558 283Live Stats
41. The PlantationML2924234 276Live Stats